IRFZ44N: Introduction

This shows the Diagram of an IRFZ44N Mosfet, and presents a few schematics so you can correctly implement them into your circuits.

Mosfet Diagram

The image above shows both pin outputs of the TO 220 package and what the mosfet looks like in a schematic. It’s important to note pin(1) is Gate, pin(2) is Drain, and pin(3) is Source. Drain pin(2) will connect to the (-)Terminal of the component you will switch on or off. The Source pin(3) will always be connected to the ground(-) of the circuit. It is good practice to Pull Gate Pin(1) HIGH or LOW using a 10k resistor to Vcc or Ground.

Max Ratings Overview

The continuous drain current is between 35A-49A, and pulsed drain current is 160A. As the mosfet increases in temperature the amperage between drain and source decrease. It’s a good idea to use a heat sink on applications using constant drain. The Gate Pin(1) requires a minimum of 3 volts to turn on and the max input is 20 volts. More voltage on the gate means more current from drain to source. Maximum power dissipation is about 94 watts. high wattage applications require large heat sinks and/or fans. It’s not practical to use an IRFZ44N in high wattage circuits because of the drain to source on resistance.

Simple Mosfet Switch

The above schematics demonstrate how a mosfet is used as a simple switch. An example of this would be to control the power of a circuit with a Voltage of a sensor, or Micro Controller.